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We create personal and professional brands. You know this: It’s hard for people and companies to write about themselves. You sit too close to your message to tell it simply and with impact. The answer is professional writers with a 3rd party objective eye who can craft a story and create ACTION. After working with us, our clients come away with not just an optimized LinkedIn profile but a different concept of who they are and a new understanding of the value they add.

And it’s not just LinkedIn profiles – we do LinkedIn Company pages, blogs, resumes, cover letters, white papers, social media copy, bios, Website content, webinars, training & more.

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Donna Serdula
Audra Hammer Ross
Jan Stone
Laurel Dowswell, Senior Branding Specialist
Barbara Pinckney LinkedIn Branding
Chris McGee LinkedIn Branding
Jeannette Williams LinkedIn Branding
Career Coach
Tom Dowd Career Coach
LinkedIn Branding
Sally Curran

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