Professional Resumes

The resume is not dead. If you intend to find a job, a resume is a must! Not only do you need a resume, you need a resume that sells YOU! Here are the solutions we offer:

Resume Makeover

Does your resume need to be dusted off? Time for a refresh? Our Resume Makeover service will get you back in the game quickly!

Professional Resume Rewrite

Does your resume need more than just a refresh? Has it been over 5 years since you last looked at it? This service is perfect for entry-level to junior managers who need a complete resume reboot!

The Executive Resume

Interactive, consultative experience that provides the top level executive with a professionally written resume designed to get results and appeal to executive recruiters and headhunters.

Request a Resume Quote

You can request a resume quote either by email or by phone. Feel free to call us Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern (New York City) time. Our number is 215-839-0008. OR you can email

Once we receive your quote request, we will review your resume and give you a call to discuss solutions. We typically reach out within 24 hours or less.