Blogging: Executive Content

We all know that Content is King.

Good content can persuade readers to become customers. It can rally people behind a cause. It can convince others to take a chance on you. Whatever the goals and outcome, we are voracious consumers of content and there is no shortage of possibilities for that content to be consumed.

The problem lies in the platforms. From a personal blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, local newspapers, global newspapers like Wall Street Journal, to a massive periodicals like Forbes, there are many platforms to deliver your content. All platforms are not equal and some have a higher entry of bar than others. Others are overcrowded and publishing into them is like screaming a love poem into a hurricane.

For professionals looking to achieve strategic goals with their content, they need to use a platform that was built for professionals and is consumed by professionals.

They need LinkedIn.

The Right Platform

Content comes in a variety of forms. From long blog posts, small pieces, updates, images, videos, and gifs, all content has it’s place in the message that it serves.

Over the years, as social media networks have matured and new ones appeared, those that developed an understanding of the type of content they were delivering are the ones that have prospered. What, really, did MySpace deliver?

  • Facebook delivers content from people you know. Works best with images and video (especially of cats, babies, or kittens).
  • Twitter delivers timely, short thoughts from people you follow. Best when it is reactionary and inciting.
  • LinkedIn delivers content with people you connect with. Content was usually updates, shares, and Group posts.

LinkedIn, smartly, realized that there was more potential for content than just updates and shares. As a network of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, a blogging platform that allowed users to showcase their talents, thoughts, and expertise would be very valuable.

Imagine what you could do.

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn created a publishing tool that allowed professionals to create long-form blogging content. With a platform accessible to 230 Million members in all English-speaking countries, the potential for this tool to grow a network and accomplish strategic goals is amazing.

Even better, global business leaders like Richard Branson, financial gurus like Suze Orman, and authors like Daniel Goleman have adopted the platform as an amazing place to engage new readers. Word is spreading about the quality of content on the platform.

Executive Blogging

Take Richard Branson, Entrepreneur and Founder at Virgin Group. In his most recent post, he had as of writing this 165,000 views. 4,300 gave it a thumbs up. 1,100 commented. The reach of just this post is unbelievable.

The LinkedIn publishing platform has skyrocketed and become a platform that can transform professional careers.

You don’t have to be a Branson to have his reach. Look at Jeff Haden, self-described Ghostwriter, Speaker, and Inc. Magazine contributing editor:

Executive Blogging Ghostwriter

Jeff’s latest post reached over 350,000 people. He has 460,000 followers.

The LinkedIn Publishing platform is a ripe platform for professionals with something to say to do just that.

So why isn’t everyone using it?

Helping you Say Something

“I don’t have anything to say,” is probably the first thought that most people have when they think about why they aren’t using the platform. However, that’s not the right answer. You do have something to say. Everyone is an expert on something and has experiences that can help to inform professional communities.

The problem is: you just don’t know how to say it.

At the core of everything Vision Board Media does, it’s the ability to speak for others. We understand that it’s difficult to put your own thoughts and beliefs into clear, concise language. You’re too close to the source material to be objective, to approach language stylistically, and to structure your thoughts in a strategic way. Everything we do is a synthesis of our client’s thought leadership and marketing. We transform core beliefs into a language that causes a change from motivation to persuasion.

We work closely with our Executive Content Creation clients to get to the core of what you are trying to achieve on LinkedIn, what you are trying to say, and how best to say it. We brainstorm and work collaboratively to explore what you can say, evaluate the best way to say it, and help you put onto paper.

With a sharp eye on branding, we present the post with the right eye-grabbing image, carefully constructing an evocative title, and put together a composition that encourages reading. We know what’s getting responses.

Then, when it’s ready, we put it out in the world, using our wide social media reach (our founder, Donna Serdula, has have over 6,000 followers) we will get the word out about your post. We’ll teach you how to engage with readers, encourage comments, and reach out to people to help it’s reach.

You won’t get Richard Branson numbers overnight but you will start to see amazing results, your strategies taking hold, and build a following.

More than LinkedIn

The content that we create for you can go beyond LinkedIn. This is content that can be put on your company’s blog, used in marketing material, sent to periodicals and newspapers for publication, and dispersed to even wider audiences. The content is yours lock, stock, and barrel.

We are currently working on new avenues and partnerships to help our clients’ content make an even bigger impact. For us, this is an opportunity to spread our wings and try new things.

Join us in this amazing endeavor and let us help you find what you want to say.