Executive Branding

Are you creating buzz around your professional success? Not one for bragging? Well, your reputation as a proven, high performing leader is directly related to your future earning potential.

Still not sure you have the time to develop a strong, cohesive presence?

Consider the alternative. With almost a billion people on Facebook, do you want to appear behind the times? Non-tech savvy is not an option in this day and age.

When looking to fill an executive position, companies don’t put an ad in the newspaper. They contact an executive search firm who specializes in finding the movers and shakers in that industry. These recruiters search online to find candidates.

  1. Does your LinkedIn profile showcase you as a leader?
  2. Is your Facebook page full of professional accomplishments or vacation pictures?
  3. Are you tweeting or sounding like a twit?

Not only do we assist you on the social side but also on career side! We will bring your resume up to current and create you a strong bio.

We also walk you through the process of getting the right headshot.

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