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Vision Board Media is a pioneering boutique-marketing firm that collaborates with c-level, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to design and develop branding strategies and content that changes lives. Our LinkedIn Makeover platform helps clients tap into the power of the professional social media network, LinkedIn to leverage it to move ahead and above.

We are the marketing department that every company WISHES they had.

In the beginning, there was just ‘copy and paste.’

When I started using LinkedIn in 2005, profiles were nothing more than digitized resumes. Even LinkedIn was telling professionals just to paste resumes into their profiles. To me, though, that seemed like the WRONG STRATEGY.

The LinkedIn profile is an amazing opportunity for BRANDING. The sum of its parts, a LinkedIn profile is part bio, resume, personal & professional showcase, and thought leadership platform.

Simply put, LinkedIn’s profile page is a MANIFESTO for the everyday professional!

From that day on, I’ve been the chief INFLUENCER, advocating and evangelizing the importance of taking control of your Internet identity. People are Googling you and a LinkedIn profile is the ultimate first impression tool. By presenting yourself in a way that inspires and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services, you’re shaping your future.

The leading expert, I speak across the US as a paid speaker. My popular book, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile empowers professionals, fuels marketers, and is used as a textbook to teach college students to take control of their Internet identify. I’ve been featured on Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, NBC, LA Times, and many more news outlets. My speaking Website is: http://www.donnaserdula.com

In 2009, I walked away from a successful sales career to start Vision Board Media. My mission: To help people realize their Internet identity and shape one that makes an IMPACT. We create personal and professional brands.

You know this: It’s hard for people and companies to write about themselves. You sit too close to your message to tell it simply and with impact. The answer is professional writers with a 3rd party objective eye who can craft a story and create ACTION. After working with us, our clients come away with not just an optimized LinkedIn profile but a different concept of who they are and a new understanding of the value they add.

Vision Board Media and the LinkedIn Makeover platform have grown beyond my dreams. Truly global, we’ve helped THOUSANDS of executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales stars, and professionals from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, India, Canada, France, Netherlands, and beyond.

With over 24 writers on our team coming from Retail, Media, Human Resources, Healthcare, and other industries, Vision Board Media has moved beyond a one-woman show. Our size and expertise means that we SCALE to our clients’ needs.

And it’s not just LinkedIn Profiles – we do LinkedIn Company pages, blogs, resumes, cover letters, white papers, social media copy, bios, Website content, webinars, training, etc.

If it’s written on the Internet, WE WRITE IT.

Our clients find our quality, customer service, and consultative approach truly COLLABORATIVE and are eager to work with us again and again. They refer us as their secret weapon to their friends, neighbors and loved ones. We have a reputation that is continually recognized through our high number of referrals.

Our clients say it all:

“You helped me create a LinkedIn profile that exceeded my expectations in terms of depth and quality, and I have already benefited from her coaching and assistance with creating my own personal brand.” – Clinical Psychologist

“I feel empowered to tackle the world.” — Mobile Technology Executive

“After this makeover, I have so much confidence in my future career and I owe it all to you.” –Lawrence R.

Donna Serdula and LinkedIn Makeover is a smart investment for an outcome focused executive. The process is educational, helpful and it yields results. For example the optimized profile delivered higher results, my profile appeared in 52 searches before 10:00 am. Donna and her team of creative professionals can help executives define themselves effectively in growing a business or advancing a career. — Daniel V

“Since working with you, I’ve gotten three referrals and my profile is 100% complete. I put Paul Kopp into Google and voilà, I’m the #1 entry!” –Paul K.

I took a class at the local community college, and Donna’s book (LinkedIn Makeover) was our textbook. I followed her advice, and three days later I’d landed a $4000 contract through LinkedIn. For the first five years I was on LinkedIn, I didn’t know what to do. But two years after following Donna’s advice, LinkedIn remains my primary source for new customers. — Michael L.